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Theories and Models of Organization Development

Introduction to Planned Change

It is the responsibility of all the managers to bring change in the organization for the effectiveness of the organization. The change must be brought in a planned refers to prepare the whole organization and its members to adapt to significant change in the organization’s goals.

Planned change can be implemented in the areas like technology, task, structure and people.

  • 1. Technology- It provides the way to perform a may include the techniques which affect the way of doing things. Technology related change may include.

    A. Change in problem solving and decision making techniques.
    B. Introduction of new technology which will provide facility for managerial planning and control.

    Change in technology affect nature of task organization structure ,processes and people’s behavior in the organization. Thus any change in technology necessitates changes in all other factor.
  • 2. Task- In refers to the job to be done. A job consist several tasks that may be designed in a number of ways ranging from job simplification to job enrichment. There are various alternative to perform a task such as skill required, task importance etc.
  • 3. Structure- Structural change refers to change in task, structure, technological and goal processes in the organization which includes:

    A. Changing the number of positions.
    B. Changing one form of organization to another form.
    C. Changing functional authority.
  • 4. People- Changing discussed above will lead to changes in people in an organization. These changes may be change in skills or behavior. If the change is there in technology i.e. from manual accounts to computerization or from hand made product to use of machines etc. Then there will be need of new skills in the operator. Similarly change in behaviour i.e. from the stage of unfreezing to refreezing.

Objectives of Planned Change

The planned change to meet the overall objectives of organization. The organization has to make necessary changes to meet its objectives. There can be many objectives behind organizational change out of which some has been described as below.

  • 1. Structural Adaptation - Structural adaptation refers to change in the internal structure i.e. various position in the organization sometimes employees leave organization may be in form of transfers or internments, change are then required in the structure of organization in order to cope up with such situation changes are must.
  • 2. Technological Change - Technological change can be refers to as change in new technology from obsolete technology. Today is the word of innovation and day by day new technologies are coming in it if the organization has to survive it has to make use of new technology whenever it is introduced. Thus new technology demands change in the operations of organization.
  • 3. Environmental Change - Environment refers to the surroundings in which business exist environment may be internal or external. Every organization has to work according to both types of environment. If there is a change in external or internal environment it will affect the working of business.
  • 4. Task Related Changes - Technological changes are directly related with task changes. Whenever new technology is introduce it will change the method of performing that job which will replace the old in order to bring a match between old method and new method, planned change should be initiated.

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Review Questions
  • 1. Who are the different contributors who contribute for the planned change?
  • 2. What are the different theories which are applied for organization development?
  • 3. Explain the models and theories of planned change.
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