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Social Security - Concept, Objectives and Methods

In the present time insecurities of life has increased to great extent and to safe guard the individual and the society from these uncertainties. “Social Security” has become very essential. Today’s society is facing a situation which has been never known before and is full uncertainties of life. Social security is a wise investment which produce good returns in the long run. It is security that society furnishes through appropriate organizations, against certain risks to which its member are exposed. These risks are all those contingencies against which the individual of small means cannot effectively provide from its limited means.... Social Security notes

Evolution of Social Security

International Labour organization in different conventions have been giving due emphasis on social security and various laws were added and existing were being amended. ILO has suggested various methods of organizing establishing and financing various social schemes social security are different in developed, underdeveloped and developing countries. In underdeveloped countries there only very few social security schemes with having a fairly low level of benefits.... Evolution of Social Security

Social Assistance and Social Insurance

Social Security provides a self-balancing different schemes of social Insurance or social assistance from public funds or proper combination of both. In any contingency. Leading to physical incapacity to work during that contingency, any effective scheme of social protections must take care of worker’s income and medical care.... Social Assistance notes

Review Questions
  • 1. What is an Agreement?
  • 2. Define Consideration.
  • 3. What is fraud?
  • 4. Define Public Company.
  • 5. What is the difference between bailment and pledge?
  • 6. What are participating prefernce shares?
  • 7. Define condition in a contract of sale.
  • 8. What is contract? Explain the essential elements of valid contract?
  • 9. What do you understand by 'Corporate Veil'? When is it said to be lifted?
  • 10. Explain the process of organisational development.
  • 11. Discuss the requisites of a valid general meeting?
  • 12. Discuss the main features of central excise.
  • 13. What is contract?
  • 14. What is offer and acceptance?
  • 15. What are the conditions of a valid contract?
  • 16. Describe Contract and its essentials.
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