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Organization Change and Development

Change is inevitable in everyone’s life .whenever demand id there for new technology change takes place in organization but there is always resistance to a result conflict order to cope up with change, organization hires a consultant who is called organization development consultant. He is a person who initiates change in the organization... Organizational Behavior

Definition and History of Organization Development

Organization development is a long range effort to improve organization’s problem solving and renewal processes particularly through more effective and collaborative management of organizational culture often with the assistance of a change agent or catalyst and the use of the theory and technology of applied behavioral science... Organizational Behavior

Theories and Models of Organization Development

Organization is the planned change in the organization the origin of various models and theories in organization development facilitates the way in which a change can be initiated in organization. These models describe the various variables and describe how the change can be introduced... Organizational Behavior

Organizational Environment

By a process called 'organizing' the structure of an organization is created and manintained. The process involves deciding the activities necessary to realize the objectives of the organization, grouping those activities in a logical pattern, and assigning those activities to a position with responsibility and authority. 'Organizational process' is a means to achieve the authority-responsibility relationships and coordinate the activities of the individuals and groups. Otherwise speaking, organizational process is a structural representation of inter-persoanl relationships... Organizational Environment

Organizational Development - Approaches and Interventions

The Organization Development is a continuous process and being complicated it takes a long time to complete. It is very difficult to give a specific OD model which is applicable to the entire organization. The practitioners of OD differ about various steps and their sequence in OD. Most of the OD ideas have generated from practices that differ from Organization to Organization... Approaches and Interventions

Organizational Development - Process, Phases and Evaluation

Organization development as a planned change process draws heavily upon the theoretical and conceptual frameworks developed in the field of behavioral science for understanding human behaviour at interpersonal, group and organizational levels. Bringing about the change in the individuals as also the structure, processes and cultural of the organization conductive to the release of human potential towards productive pursuits and consequent individual satisfaction has been a major area of process focuses in behavioral science... Process, Phases and Evaluation

Organizational Development - Training Methods & Behaviour Modeling

Any training and development program must contain inputs which enable participants gain skills, learn theoretical concepts and help acquire vision to look into distant future. In addition to those, there is need for giuing ethical orientation, emphasizing attitudinal changes and stressing decision making and problem solving abilities... Training Methods & Behaviour Modeling

Organizational Effectiveness and Future of the Corporate Worlds

Organizational Effectiveness can be defined as organization, as a social system, given certain resources and means, fulfills its objectives without incapacitating its means and resources and without placing undue strains upon its members. Tis stems from the fact that organizations are social systmes. It can be defined as its capacity to survive, adapt, maintain itself and grow regardless of the particular function that it fulfills. Tis definition develops from the fact that every organization has multiple goals or functions and also exists within organization an environment that provides predictable inputs... Organizational Effectiveness and Future of the Corporate Worlds

Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

Organizational behaviour is scientific and systematic study of the behaviour of the people and the groups (both formal and informal) in organizations. According to Kelly, it is the study of the behaviour and attitudes of man in an organizational setting: an organization's effect on his perceptions, feelings and actions, and his effects on the organization, particularly how his behaviour affects the achievement of organization's purposes... Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

Introduction to Organizational Development

Organization Development is an attempt to plan, organize, and increase organizational effectiveness through planned intervention in the processes of the organization. Organization development is related to a total change in the organization—this could be change of culture, or the change of reward system or the change of managerial strategy. There may be tactical efforts which work with the various systems is the organization. These systems are relatively free to determine their own plans and future within the framework of various constrains which environment might enforce upon the organization... Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

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Review Questions
  • 1. Define Organizational Behaviour in your own words.
  • 2. Trace the historical development of Organizational Behaviour.
  • 3. Discuss the three theoretical frameworks of Organizational Behaviour.
  • 4. Consider the relevance of SOBC model.
  • 5. How does learning help in Organizational Behaviour?
  • 6. What is the meaning and definition of OD?
  • 7. What are the characteristics of Organizational Development?
  • 8. Explain the systems approach in the concept of OD? Compare system approach and contigency approach as an extension of the systems approach?
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